I have just completed my first semester at graduate school and returned to my cozy spot in Kentucky to re-charge and plan for the spring! So far at the University of South Florida my experience has been fueled by my inspirational colleagues, such as the talented Bahareh Khoshoee, Vicky Trespando, Walter Matthews, and Brandon Geurts. Not to mention the phenomenal staff including Wally Wilson, Neil Bender, and Wendy Babcox. I am so lucky to be a part of the College of Art and Art History at USF with its plentiful, contemporary resources, unique (and weird and crazy) location, and solid community. 

Over the course of the last few months I've been immersed in my program and a new environment experiencing Florida's beaches and springs first hand, sitting front row of an indie women's wrestling match in Ybor city, hopping around Seminole Heights local galleries, and attending the world renouned Art Basel on Miami's south beach. Another opportunity that has been presented to me, among dozens of others, is USF's 2015 Paris Program! During a four week stay in Paris, France I will be able to take an art history course right in the midst of the historical hub of the paintings, drawings, and architecture I've been studying forever. I am also planning on staying in Europe for an additional four weeks to explore Greece, Italy, Berlin, Spain, and Iceland! 

In preperation for my journey I've created a web page asking for donations to help me out. I really cannot do it alone! You can check it out right here. It will tell you why I'm going, and why I feel that it is so important to me. 

I have also decided that in return for a generous donation, I will gift you with a plethora of goodies depending on the amount. 


Any Amount: A postcard from Paris!

$50: A postcard from Paris, and a small souvenier!

$100: A postcard, souvenier, and a small, original watercolor that I will complete on my trip!

$500: A postcard, souvenier, watercolor, and a handwritten letter including photos of my journey!

+$1,000: A postcard, souvenier, watercolor, handwritten letter with photos, and any available painting from my website or commissioned piece (at a reasonable size)!


I intend to keep up this blog to keep y'all updated about my journey before, during and after. Anything is greatly appreciated. A shout out is also definitely welcome!

Speaking of shout outs, my wonderful friend Elizabeth Hisel of Nashville Tennesee has a new blog, Postcards from Rosemary where she posts beautiful DIY's, mood boards, and recipes. She has been to Paris many times and has inspired me to take the leap. She's an artist and maker of many things, and also has an eye for interior design. So if your rooms need re-vamping, give her a shout!

Thank you for catching up, everyone! Until next time I'll be sipping some coffee at my favorite place, Spencer's, doing a little Christmas shopping at some local digs like Bluetique and Labold and Sons, catching up on New Girl, and eating massive amounts of food made by mom. 

Don't forget to check out my European Excursion page